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2023-2024 Handbook

Contains vital information about the Cario Orchestra Program.

Carowinds Folder

Click the button below to access the Family Carowinds folder.

Orlando Trip Registration

Click here to register your 7th or 8th grader for our Universal trip.

Practice Guide

Practice strategies for musicians and parents.

Private Lessons

A tailored list of private lesson teachers for your musician.

Orchestra RevTrak

Access Cario Orchestra's RevTrak to pay for fees and special events.

Practice Buddy Sign-Up

Register your 5th or 6th grader for Spring Practice Buddies.

Uniform Buy/Sell

View secondhand uniforms for sale from other Orchestra families

Region Orchestra

Access the official SCMEA Region Orchestra page.

Extra Curriculars

A wide array of extra curricular opportunities for your student.

Practice Assignments

View practice assignments and practice check examples for 6-8.

Blank Forms

Chaperone, Permission, Fact and Fee, and Parent Volunteer forms.

MOS Tracks

Click here for the Measures of Success track MP3s

Fundraising Login

Log in to Snap! Raise to set up and view your fundraising page.

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